Why Affirmations Don’t Work!

16/11/2020 0 By ashy247
Affirmations don't work!

Most self-improvement programs, morning routines, positive mindset trainings, etc. include affirmations as one of the main components, however, most people don’t find them really effective and, often, they simply don’t come true.

So why are affirmations so ineffective for most people?

The classic way to affirm something is to tell yourself that you already have the thing that you want or have already achieved the goal, in the belief that your mind will be fooled into believing it and, somehow, what you want will materialise in your life (or at least you will be motivated to do what is necessary to get it).

I think the issue is that affirmations simply don’t work if you affirm the ‘outcome’ as if it has already happened. It feels like BS and your mind knows it!…

If your affirmations don’t work, try affirming ‘actions required to achieve the outcome’;

Don’t say;
‘I am rich and own a Ferrari’...
It’s much better to say;
‘I am committed to do what ever it takes to become rich and get a Ferrari’.

That way the goal seems believable to your mind and you will be far more likely to achieve it.

What do you think?

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