How Is Your Life?

Hello and welcome to the Improving Your Life Academy community…

Our aim is to share our experiences, knowledge, ideas, resources, and recommendations to help you make profound improvement to all areas of your life and achieve your true potential.

This site is structured to provide a step-by-step ‘roadmap’ to guide you through the process of transforming your life.

There are numerous resources and lots of invaluable information, coaching exercises, etc. all free to get your journey started.

We share a few carefully tested recommendations (some free, some not) along the way.

We strongly advise that you check out each section in turn, TAKE ACTION, and repeat the steps over and over again to continuously improve.


It is not enough to just intellectually understand the process and the information.

So, let’s get started!

The first step is to do a simple exercise to determine which parts of your life require the most improvement and focus:
This is the ‘LifeTracker Assessment’

The Wheel Of Life shows which areas of your life are strongest and which are weakest.

So click on this link to download your FREE ‘Improving Your Life Roadmap’ including the
‘LifeTracker Assessment’ now
and follow the simple instructions.

We recommend that you repeat your assessment every month and compare you results to the previous months to track your progress. Hopefully, you will see that you have made significant improvement.

It is difficult to truly explain how powerful this process is… you really just have to do it and see for yourself!

Here’s the link again:

‘The Improving Your Life Roadmap’

So, once you have completed your ‘LifeTracker Assessment’ you should now have a much clearer picture of which aspects of your life require the most improvement…

…The next step is to become aware of everything that is holding you back and preventing you from making the changes that will truly drive improvement and success…and then remove those obstacles!

In the next section ‘The Prosperity Mindset’ details the exact proven process you need to follow and gives you all the resources and the action plan you need…

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