‘Noise’ & Your Environment

Rich people have small TVs and big libraries; noise and your environment.

Have you ever considered the effect on your mind of your environment and the daily bombardment of negativity that we all endure every day from the media, TV, and especially news broadcasts?
I guess good news is no news, so the focus is always death, destruction, etc. which precious little positivity or optimism.
How can you expect your mind to be creative, forward-thinking, and constructive when faced with so much negativity?…

…How about social media?… How much positive, inspiring, content (posts, tweets, messages, etc.) is there amongst all the whinging, complaining, and meaningless ‘noise’?… Not much at all!

The reality is that in order to improve your life in any truly meaningful way, you need to control what you are exposing your mind to;

Don’t be obsessed with news and tv in general; if the news is important enough it will reach you!

Try to only watch positive and informative things (nature, science programs etc,), not negative or meaningless things (games shows, soaps, etc.)…
Even better; don’t watch TV at all!!… and….

The same applies to social media; don’t spend all you precious time on facebook or Instagram!

Also your environment is really important too:

Dark colours, lack of light, clutter, etc. are all negative influences for your mind.

Paint the walls bright colours or white, have ‘inspirational, happy, or relaxing pictures on the wall,

Organising your environment is a big subject in itself, which we will cover in much greater depth later…

Meanwhile, here’s a short video about Feng Shui; the ancient Chinese art of organising your environment to optimise sucess in all aspects of life:

The next section gives an overview of how the attitudes and beliefs of not just your closest friends, but also, even lovers and (and your spouse) may actually be holding you back…

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