History Of The Improving Your Life Network (Academy)

13/03/2021 0 By ashy247

People often ask me why I decided to create The Improving Your Life Network (now evolved into The Improving Your Life Academy) way back in 2007…

Well, the simple answer is that I realised that the principles of Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing that I was implementing in various companies would be just as valid and effective for development of personal routines, organisation, goals, vision, etc. outside of work as well.

This is the principle of ‘Lean Living’ which remains the primary focus of the Academy today.

The real detail of how the Improving Your Life Network came to be created and how it has developed over the years is, of course, rather more complicated and deeply routed in my own personal, diverse life experiences, starting from being the most intensely shy toddler, to the many successes and set-backs (learning experiences) that have shaped my life so far.

I will share some of my stories in future posts and I hope that they will be of interest and, possibly, help with your own life improvement journey.

Over the next few months, the Improving Your Life academy is undergoing a facelift and our courses are being re-vamped / improved, and as such, all except ‘The Improving Your Life Roadmap’ (which you can get for FREE by clicking on the image / link below).

Please go ahead and enrol for ‘The Improving Your Life Roadmap’ and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much it gives you absolutely FREE:

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Have a successful day!

Ashley J Clark