Daily Routine For Success

The secret to your success is found in your daily routine

So, what is your current daily routine?

For most people, what time they go to bed, and the daily routine when they get up in the morning isn’t really important…

Do you go to bed at the same time every night?…
…and get up at the same time every morning without hitting the ‘snooze’ button on your alarm clock?

Well, to start with; most people don’t realise the importance of the ‘circadian clock’ (the body’s natural bio-rhythm which controls everything from physical energy levels to mental alertness and positivity)…

Furthermore, to drive real success and improvement, how the first hour or so of your day is structured is critical…

A good way to think about this is as follows:

Silence – 10 minutes meditation.
Affirmations – What I want, Why I want it, How I will achieve it, When I will achieve it.
Visualisation – visualise the result for the day and what I will do to achieve it.
Exercise – 10 mins.
Reading – 10 pages of an inspirational book.
Scribing – 5 minutes journal.

Each one of these activities should take 10 minutes or less (one hour in total).

Get up an hour earlier to make time for this (most truly successful people are up by 5am!).

Move your alarm clock as far away from the bed as possible to minimise the risk of ‘snoozing’!

Aim for 8 hours of actual sleep – go to bed at 9pm if you intend getting up at 5am.

Make sure the bedroom is totally dark, otherwise your sleep will not be as deep and restful and you will not wake up refreshed and ready to conquer your goals!

We highly recommend The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod to guide you step by step to creating your life-changing daily routine.

Next we will see how the main obstacle to achieving everything we have defined so far is lack of belief that it is possible… and discover how to overcome the doubts and make it happen…:

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