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26/09/2016 0 By ashy247

Your time is limited - True Friends

In a previous post we discussed how it is virtually impossible to to have a truly positive attitude and outlook on life when we are constantly surrounded by negativity; news, TV programs, political backstabbing, etc.

Well, there another potentially far greater source of negativity; people!…

…maybe those you work with, friends of friends, or even your own friends and family.

The fact is that as you become more self-aware and recognise your subconscious beliefs, conditioning, and learned behaviours, and your emotional intelligence increases, some of those closest to you will not be happy to see you changing, and may even try to sabotage your change process.

Actually, it’s not their fault! They are not Consciously sabotaging you; it’s just their own subconscious trying to maintain the status quo and stay in the comfort zone.

Real change feels uncomfortable, and even a bit scary, but your true friends will try to understand and change (for the better) with you.

If others become increasingly negative and mis-aligned with you, then, tough though it is, you will need to drift apart.

As the saying goes; ‘Birds of a feather flock together’, and successful people tend to associate with other successful people.

So, as you improve, you will not only discover who your real friends are, but also attract new friends who have a similar (or greater) self awareness as you.

One of the best ways to ‘learn’ to be successful is to associate with successful people. This is why having a mentor is so powerful; you not only get valuable coaching, but also get to interact with like minded and successful people… but more of that at a later date!..

For now, if you haven’t already done so,

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