31/10/2016 0 By ashy247

koyaanisquatsi - 'crazy life'

You may have seen the film and therefore probably know that koyaanisquatsi means ‘crazy life’ or ‘life out of balance’, but for those of you who haven’t heard of it:
It details the crazy way that us humans live our lives whilst destroying the planet, has no dialogue, lots of time-lapse photography, and a haunting score by Philip Glass.

The point is that we are often so engrossed in our daily habitual routine that we are simply unaware of the consequences of the ‘out of balance’ life we are leading and the world that we live in.

Consider this:
If we become more aware  of our own beliefs and conditioning, and consequently improve our thinking, then not only will every aspect of our lives improve profoundly, but also, as we become more self-aware our ability to make a real impact on the world at large is also greatly enhanced.

The fact is that restoring balance to our own lives is the first step to restoring balance to the world we live in.

Maybe, that sounds a bit far-fetched and ambitious… but it really isn’t!

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Have a productive day!