Habits & Learned Behaviours….

02/08/2016 0 By ashy247

Have you got a sweet tooth?

Is sugar a poison? Habits and learned behaviours.

Well, it seems that sugar is public health enemy No.1 at the moment…
The previous focus was on saturated fat increasing risk of heart attacks and strokes, but now it’s sugar as a cause of diabetes….

Actually, this is not a health rant about eating healthier to improve your life (although, it would be a valid point)…. no, actually I want to talk about habits and learned behaviours….

Yep, having a sweet tooth and needing that sugar sweetness in your tea or coffee is a learnt behaviour; it’s a habit.

If you were to stop adding the sugar today, it would initially taste pretty horrible, but you would find that after a few weeks you won’t even miss it at all….
…then drinks with sugar will taste sickly sweet and you will wonder how you drank such poison before.

So what’s my point?

Well, your life is governed by learned behaviours and habits like this, most of which are totally sub-conscious and you are completely unaware of.

This means that you react to situations on ‘auto-pilot’ most of the time without actually thinking at all, and that what you do in any given situation tends to be identical to what you did the last time you were in that situation….
…therefore the result is exactly the same too.

If you are to make meaningful improvement and progress in your life it is crucial to change these reactions and get a different result.

To do this you need to learn to consciously think and make decisions, rather than reacting to situations….

….which is not as easy as you may think!

This is the process of developing your ‘self-awareness’ and is exactly what ‘Lean Mind – The Power Of Self-Awareness’ will help you to do.

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