A Slightly Unconventional New Year Message…

Happy New Year to all my family, friends, colleagues, and everyone wherever you may be in the world!… As you may have realised by now, I have a rather attitude to new year resolutions… whilst the intentions are undoubtedly great, they are generally doomed to failure because there is rarely any sort of realistic strategy or plan as to how they  might be achieved. To me, it has always seemed idealistic to expect that just […]


You may have seen the film and therefore probably know that ‘koyaanisquatsi’ means ‘crazy life’ or ‘life out of balance’, but for those of you who haven’t heard of it: It details the crazy way that us humans live our lives whilst destroying the planet, has no dialogue, lots of time-lapse photography, and a haunting score by Philip Glass. The point is that we are often so engrossed in our daily habitual routine that we […]

Happy Holidays?

You can tell a lot about a persons’ life from their holiday habits… Do you like to go to the same familiar country or even town in your own country every year for your holiday?…. …or do you prefer to be more adventurous and visit different places in the world? The fact is most people have a ‘better safe than sorry’ attitude to holidays and hence a favorite place or places that they feel comfortable […]

What do you really want from your life?

Sadly, most people don’t have a clear vision of exactly what they aspire to in life. The fact is; life is a journey and it will be over all to quickly, so if you don’t know exactly what you want to achieve, then how can you expect to achieve anything much before time runs out? Actually, visioning is one of the most important and effective ways to achieve success in your life…. …. so what […]

‘Lean Mind – The Power Of Self-Improvement’ Video & ‘LifeTracker’ Assessment…

Just a reminder to those of you who haven’t already got your free ‘Lean Mind – The Power Of Self-Awareness’ video and  ‘LifeTracker’ Assessment… So click on this link to get your free ‘Lean Mind – The Power Of Self-Improvement’ video & e-book and ‘LifeTracker’ Assessment to start to make profound improvement to your life today. Complete the assessment (should only take 10 mins or so), being totally honest with yourself, and you will have a […]

True Friends?…

In a previous post we discussed how it is virtually impossible to to have a truly positive attitude and outlook on life when we are constantly surrounded by negativity; news, TV programs, political backstabbing, etc. Well, there another potentially far greater source of negativity; people!… …maybe those you work with, friends of friends, or even your own friends and family. The fact is that as you become more self-aware and recognise your subconscious beliefs, conditioning, […]

Lean Thinking vs Lean Mind…

Originally ‘Lean Thinking’ was defined in Womack & Jones influential 1996 book as consisting of five principles: 1) Specify Value 2) Identify The Value Stream 3) Flow 4) Pull 5) Perfection Clearly, the focus is on processes rather than people. Even the latest definitions only replace ‘Perfection’ with ‘Continuous Improvement’ and add a global ‘respect (or develop) people’ term at all stages. Either way, there is no recognition of the need to have the right […]

No Change… No Improvement…

We all have areas of our lives which are just not as we would like them to be;: Maybe, the job is not rewarding enough (mentally or financially)… or, perhaps it’s family or relationship issues… financial concerns… a combination of all of the above or other discontents… Either way, improvement is necessary, but the question is: What are you prepared to change in order to achieve the desired improvements in your life? The fact is […]

An Hour A Day….

The point is that the key to making profound improvement in all areas of your life is to work to improve your thinking, self-awareness, and outlook on life. This is exactly what “Lean Mind – The Power Of Self-Awareness” will guide you to achieve. However, just watching the video and reading the e-book will not be enough! You will need to dedicate at least an hour EVERY DAY dedicated solely to thinking, reflection, and self-improvement […]

Credit and Blame….

When things go wrong who is to blame? Maybe it’s just bad luck? or someone else’s fault? the banks perhaps? your employer? the government? The list of possible suspects is endless… … but actually ALL WRONG! Truly successful people do not look for scapegoats; they accept that they themselves are the cause of every success or failure in their lives. If you can accept responsibility for everything that happens in your life, then there is no […]

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