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Ladder To Prosperity

The Proven Step by Step Roadmap to Extraordinary improvement In All Areas Of Your Life
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Hello again, The fact that you have got as far as this page clearly indicates that you believe that you have the potential to achieve far greater things in your life than you are at present…

… and the good news is YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

“Lean Mind; The Power Of Self-Awareness” has already given you a basic introduction to the self-improvement principles which are the basis for extraordinary improvement in all areas of your life.

If you are prepared to commit time EVERY DAY to self-improvement activities and improving your thinking, then Ladder To Prosperity will give you the step by step guidance and coaching you need to achieve outstanding results.

  ONLY $75

So What Will You Get?

  • 9 videos; each detailing a different essential step in your journey to success…
  • Coaching exercises for each step to ensure effective implementation…
  • The full program text and coaching in PDF format.

  ONLY $75

The Contents…

RUNG 1: The Starting Point; LifeTracker

What is the current status of your life? What do you need to improve most urgently? How to get started?

RUNG 2: Where Are You Going?

What do you really want from your life? How can you achieve your goals?

RUNG 3: Who Are You?

Do you really know who you are and what you are capable of? How does your mind work and how you must unlock its power?

RUNG 4: Attitude and Outlook On Life

What is attitude and why it determines your level of success. What to do to improve.

RUNG 5: Why Are You Here?

You have a purpose in life; so what is it? How to identify it and how to fulfill it?

RUNG 6: Opportunity and Potential

What is your potential?… much more than you think! Why awareness of your potential determines the opportunities available to you.

RUNG 7: Proactive Thinking

You need to stop thinking reactively! Effective thinking creates success.

RUNG 8: Decisions, Decisions

No Change, No Improvement! How to escape your ‘comfort zone’.

RUNG 9: The Three ‘P’s : Your Roadmap To Success

How it all fits together to form your highly effective roadmap to success.

The Coaching Manual…

This is the most important part! Every step has coaching questions and exercises to complete to ensure effective implementation to achieve extraordinary results.

  ONLY $75